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Explore our collection of downloadable resources and explore insights into our cutting-edge engineering solutions with our white papers and featured webinar. 

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Engineering Insights into Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFepo4) Batteries

Uncover the advantages and benefits of LiFePO4 batteries. From extended cycle life to improved safety features, this white paper is your guide into LiFePO4 batteries.




Technical Overview of EPOD Efficiency Enhancements

Dive into the unique benefits of EPOD and the important role of solar hybrid systems. This white paper provides insights dissecting electrical efficiency and how solar integration maximizes efficiency.


Pneumatic Air Sizing: You're Probably Doing it Wrong - Webinar

Discover emissions reduction in oil and gas operations with our Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Ben Klepacki. Explore the shift to air-powered systems, discussing environmental benefits and optimal sizing for performance and efficiency.

Advantages of a Generator in Hybrid vs. Load Following Systems

Discover the differences and advantages of a hybrid system compared to load following generators. This white paper provides in-depth insights into their unique features, benefits, and practical considerations.



Improved Reliability:  Enhancements made to our EPOD

In this whitepaper, we outline our approach to integrating robust design and engineering principles into our products, including electrical redundancies, precise power management, and effective problem mitigation. 

Engine modifications & maximized maintenance intervals

Discover innovative strategies to minimize generator maintenance through engineering modifications, focusing on load control, power output, lubricant lifespan, and temperature optimization for optimal efficiency.

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